Traditionaly HMP Liverpool have always had uniformed staff on Parade at the Cenotaph in Liverpool City Centre to mark Remembrance Day, in 2007 due to budgetary restrictions the Governor was no longer able to financially support this Parade. As a result of this a collection was held at HMP Liverpool which enabled the staff to attend the Parade. From this came “THE PARADE FUND”, it was then suggested that a proper fund should be established so as to ensure that every year staff would be able to attend the Parade.


Due to the retirement of John Webster, Senior Officer Tom Mussell stepped up to take the Parade, in our first year Ourselves and the new Establishment HMP Kennet marched 20 uniformed members of staff  behind The Liverpool Scottish Pipes and Drums on to the Cenotaph at Liverpool’s St Georges Hall, where OSG Colin Johnson laid a wreath. At this point due to the geographical and numerical restrictions at Westminster we recognised the importance of an official Northern Parade. We are still pursuing this matter with NOMS.


Early in 2007 an appeal was sent out through the Establishment for any surplus No1 uniform to be donated, a store was created with the purpose of supplying staff with the No1 Uniform on an adhoc basis in order to attend Remembrance Day and other Special Functions.


Things were moving really fast now and as a result of a number of Service Funerals, the Deputy Governor finally gave us an office in the Admin Building. We now had a base to work from and the volunteers started adding up.


Unfortunatley in November 2009 we were told to remove the uniforms from the office and hand them over to the stores or remove them from the Establishment.


Now in 2010 we have a new Governor we welcome John Illingsworth and hope he enjoys his time in office here.




Each year we seek permission from the Governor to allow us to march in full dress uniform on Remembrance Sunday, if you would like to join us and represent your own Establishment all that we ask is that you seek permission from your own Governor. We will then brief you on the logistics.


All the staff who take part in Remembrance Parades do so on a voluntary basis. This Fund has been created to cover the costs of Transport, Wreaths, Photography, Refreshments and a Final Toast to the Fallen. As the Parade grows the costs rise this is only to understandable.