Senior Officer Thomas Mussell
Senior Officer Thomas Mussell

I joined The Service in 1981, prior to this I was in the Army for six years, in both these I have

always worn my uniform with pride and I try to encourage others to do the same.


I strongly believe that The Remembrance

Day parade should be maintained and supported, it

is the only day when the whole nation has the opportunity to come together to thank and

remember those who serve to protect us at home and on foreign lands, not only should we

remember those who have given, but also those who are left behind to grieve.


When I was asked to take on the role of organising the annual parade I did so without

hesitation, all of the groundwork for the previous parades had been laid by Officer John Webster, whom I wish a long and happy retirement, I will endeavour to continue in the high standard that he has set.


Part of my duties is to help to organize the Honour Guard and bearers for staff funerals when requested by the families, I can think of a no more fitting tribute, than to see a fully turned out staff parade to say farewell to a colleague.


The setting up of The Parade Fund was a necessary step to ensure that the tradition of a ceremonial parade is not lost, also with the various wars since the Second World War, the importance of Remembrance Day has seen a large increase in people wanting to take part in, and watch the Services of Remembrance and I now feel that the Government should allow a second official parade outside of London, a matter that this committee will pursue in the following year.