1       The name of the fund shall be “The Parade Fund”. The meeting place for The Parade  Fund is the Longmoor Club, Long Lane, Aintree. All correspondence shall be addressed   to the Secretary’s home address.


2       Membership shall be open to persons of either sex, who are interested in official Staff  Parades, Remembrance Sunday, Staff Funerals and any other such occurrences.


3       The object of The Parade Fund is to have a presence and representative platform at official functions.


4       The Fund shall be controlled by a committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer plus committee members. The committee shall meet as required.


5       A meeting of members shall be called as required.


6       A minute book shall be kept by the Secretary at all meetings. The minutes will be adopted at each subsequent meeting.


7       The subscription for all members is £2.00 per month. This can be paid manually to the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer, or the subscription can be paid by standing order mandate from members own banks directly to The Parade Fund account.


8       Fully paid up members shall be entered into a monthly £100 draw. This will be held on 25th of each month.


9       All members shall be required to conduct themselves in a professional manner when on Parade, as members are reminded that they are representing Her Majesty’s Prison Service.


10  If at any time necessity arises for a decision to be made urgently, with no time to call an extraordinary meeting. The committee can deal with some and such decision shall be ratified at a subsequent extraordinary meeting.


11 The committee at any of its meetings shall be empowered to suspend or expel any member whose conduct is, in the opinion injurious to the character and interests of The Parade Fund. Notice shall be given in writing to any such action, and an opportunity given to attend at the following committee meeting.


12 Rules may only be added or amended at the Annual General Meeting or extra ordinary meeting. Written notice of which has been circulated to all members.