We had 5 teams doing their best to get away from HMP Liverpool for sixty hours with no cost to accomadation or transport. The Charities for this years event are The Royal British Legion and Afghan Heroes. 


The 5 teams left HMP Liverpool on Tuesday 29th June 07.30hrs each had their own theme,

Team 1--Sporting Venues

Team 2--Fire Stations

Team 3--Police Stations

Team 4--RAF Bases

Team 5--Sporting Venues


with only a budget of £30 each person things where going to be tight and a lot of charm was required.


Team 1, zigzagged their way around the country heading for London,Blackpool,Wigan,Sheffield to name a few.

Team 2, made their way straight to Dublin then onto London

Team 3, Stalled in Liverpool but when they finally got going travelled to London,Glasgow and Inverness

Team 4, went to bases Waddington,Lyneham,Digby and Cranwell to name a few

Team 5, ran riot, going to Manchester,Chelsea,Fulham and Wembley


All the teams arrived back in time safe and sound and with many tales of the last few days.



to all participants but more importantly we must say a very big thank you to all the people that made this event a success, the generosity of the public the help from the transport companies the accomodation companies and the food outlets, Thank You All.